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Christ Church at Teheran has been the Home of the German Speaking Evangelical Congregation in Iran since around 1960.

Being the only international protestant church in Iran an English language service was started around 2005 by a group of volunteers, the  International Christian Fellowship at Christ Church.

The fellowship meets only during services and is open to all international Christians who wish to praise God and worship in English language. All tasks are shared between participants who take turns preparing the service, choosing the songs, preaching, playing instruments, leading prayer or reading lectures.

In our planning of events we share closely with the pastors of the church.

Number of participants and composition of the English Speaking congregation has varied widely over the years as many of our members only stay a few years and are bound to change all the rime. We have sometimes  looked strongly European, African or Asian during the past years but altogether we are proud that we are a community from all corners of the earth bound together by the love of Christ and his word.

The German speaking congregation was formed in 1957 by Swiss and German guest workers in Iran. The head office of Evangelical Church in Germany since then has been sending the pastor in this work. Since 2009 these have been a couple pastors Almut Birkenstock-Koll and Ingo Koll

You will have noticed that under the circumstances, our Iranian "evangelical" community is very open and has space for Christians of all denominational backgrounds.

If you give us your email, you will receive our church newsletter (in German) or our circulars in English, in which we invite you to our services and events.  


We look forward to meeting you!












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