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Our church at Gholhak


Christ Church together with the parsonage was built 1962 in the Gholhak neighbourhood of northern Teheran. It was designed as home for the German Speaking Evangelical Congregation in Iran which had formed in 1957. In those years Gholhak was the “German quarter” of Teheran where thousands of foreigners from the German speaking countries lived near to their school and church. German Catholics and American Lutherans had their services here as well.

The situation of the expatriate communities changed with the revolution of 1979 and the following war. Most foreigners left the country. Christ Church has remained as the only protestant international church in Teheran.

Nowadays it works in 2 languages: The German Speaking church meets weekly and the English Speaking International Fellowship twice per month.
The modern rectangular, single nave church shows a typical  style of the 1960s reminiscent of  Northern German brick architecture. The front side has a large simple cross and two abstract altar paintings by a an arts  teacher of the German school. There is no belfry but a small bell inside the church. 
The church itself  seats about 100 people in its main part , plus 20 in the side room and another 20 can sit on the balcony.

In the first floor there is a library with mostly German books. This library serves as “Café Gholhak” on Tuesdays where German speaking ladies meet from 10 am-3pm.

The balcony houses the “Zendegi” project , a small shop based on the fair trade idea where handycrafts made by  Iranian women are on display.





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